The Day I Captured Those Giggles

Day 104 of 365:

{Daily Post One Word Prompt: Giggle}

Kids are just the best at giggling, aren’t they?

When I look at this image now, after all these years, I realize this isn’t something I can describe with words.  I see these four little faces, all scrunched and smiling, I can hear their giggles in my head, replaying like a song…

223199_8353320636_1926_n- giggles-on-the-beach-2006-writing-the-girl
My little beach bums in the middle of the cutest chorus of snickers.

….just one of those moments you look back on fondly and are grateful that you have it in your collection of memories….




-Janice 🙂


{Yeeeesssss – still writing my brains out today.  Coming up for air 😉 ->  saw the one word prompt for today and immediately knew I had something to contribute.  Feels good to re-surface into the “real world” for a moment!  Thanks, Daily Post for this brief pause that, apparently, I needed.}



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