Wait For Me

Day 13 of 365:

Daily Post writing prompt,

Now You See Me

You have a secret superpower: the ability to appear and disappear at will. When and where will you use this new superpower?

What if I woke up tomorrow with the sudden magical ability to morph myself into any place, any time?  Well, that’s easy!

Without a doubt, I would send myself into my story.  Just so I could see what my characters think of the shit I am putting them through.  I want to see for myself if the world I am creating for them is as decent as I think it is.

The chapter I am currently writing takes place in Toronto, during the mid-90’s.  A time and place I would love to go back and visit first hand.

And I’m curious….

…to see if the scenes I am composing make sense and are as realistic as I think they are.  What better way to critique your own writing than to actually visit it?

I would follow my characters around for a bit, without letting them know who I am.

Or maybe I would go up to them in the cafe, the one I built for them, and casually start up a conversation.  I would be a mysterious stranger.


My characters would probably think I am weird and not cool and would no doubt try to ditch me.

But I would tag along with them any way….



Now You See Me


What about you?  Where would you send yourself if you had this super-magical-power?  It’s fun to play pretend and let your imagination run away!….


-Janice 🙂

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