Five Favourite Things: The Camping Edition

So last week I started a new feature with a couple of goals in mind:

  1. To start a more regular blogging/writing schedule.
  2. To enjoy and reflect on simple, lovely things that surround me everyday.  Find five of them, and write about them.

This week, I find myself outside, drying off my belongings, picking pine needles out of my lunch and drinking chardonnay from a red Solo cup.  Yes, that’s right: the fam and I are camping.

I’ll be honest – camping is not my most favourite thing to do.  Bugs and rain and dirt……But for the sake of good old-fashioned family time, and memory making, I tolerate camping, and camping, for the most part, tolerates me.  Or maybe it’s the other way around, I’m really not sure.  Did I mention wine tastes good from a red Solo cup?

Today has been the kind of rainy, chilly day you spend inside the trailer, reading or playing board games.  The sun is out now, but the day is mostly done.  Tonight, thankfully, it will be nice enough to sit around the camp fire.  We will roast marshmallows, make S’mores.  We will talk and laugh with one another in the kind of light-hearted way that only seems to happen around a bonfire.  Life will be good.

My Five Favourite Things About Camping:

The thrill of the journey, and the feeling of escaping from our everyday lives:

2015-08-21 12.39.49

That moment, on the first day, when the trailer and the campsite are finally set-up juuuuust so.  Everything is still neat and clean and DRY.  For a brief moment, I think to myself, “Yeah, I could live in the great outdoors….”:

2015-08-21 16.22.27

Eating things for breakfast I don’t eat during my regular, non-camping life. Such as these maple flavoured breakfast sausages and this croissant.  Oh, and eating them from this funky, colourful plastic plate:

2015-08-21 12.43.42

Sitting and reading a book in the middle of the day, because I am on vacation:

2015-08-21 12.44.58

Being in, and enjoying, the greenery and simplicity of nature:

2015-08-21 16.19.26

Happy Friday, folks.


-Janice 🙂


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