Simply Simplified and Simple

Well, folks, I did it.  I updated my “About” page.  Please check it out, tell me what you think.

Why?  Why was it so important for me to do this?

When I wrote my “About” page, and it seems like it was so long ago, I was not in a good place emotionally.  I felt like my world was falling down around me and I was coming to the painful realisation that I was living my life for everyone else.

I want the page that people who I am to be about who I am today…because in 2011 – I wasn’t really sure of my place in this world.

A year of writing (by writing, I mean blogging), and picking my camera up again as a “Professional Photographer” – plus tons of yoga, meditation and guidance from my yoga teacher, a beautiful person I call my “guru” –  changed my perspectives.  Let’s just say my outlook has changed considerably…for the better of course.

I surprised myself though, when I sat down to compose my “Update”.  I thought I would have more to say – but all I could think was:  Keep It Simple.

Which is what I did, because “Simple” (as it turns out) is how I live.

“Simple” is also how I am going to keep this post tonight.  😉

Here is a link to my newly updated thoughts on “About The Girl?”:

Morning Routine

…really – I would love some feedback…especially on the layout, if you don’t mind.



7 Replies to “Simply Simplified and Simple”

  1. What a positive change you’ve gone through! Brilliant.

    I would imagine that the ‘About’ page is probably most frequently visited by people who are new to your blog, so I’d be tempted to switch around the 2011 and 2013 parts so that the first thing they read is the current you: the you they can expect to hear from if they visit your blog more often. It’s not that the 2011 you isn’t important, just that the present you is the you that is here, now, blogging! Just a thought though – feel free to ignore!

    1. Oh heck – I wouldn’t ignore this great feedback!! It’s what I asked for!! You know, I cut and pasted and re-arranged the “2013” update above the “2011” original many times. I am still undecided. Part of me totally agrees with you – the other part thinks the original bit represents what made me start Writing The Girl in the first place. But now that that I go back and look at it again, I think I just may switch them around again….out with the old, in with new?? :S

  2. You can tell that you’ve grown since the first “About Me” section. I really like your assertiveness, starting your descriptions of yourself with “I am.” Confidence shines through.I also love the first photograph. 🙂

    1. Thanks and -WOW- “assertiveness” is a huge word to me!! Not something I associate with myself. I re-read my page after reading your comment above…you are right..there is a certain amount of “assertiveness” there. Huh – how about that?! Thanks for your thoughts…very much appreciated!! 🙂

  3. I love the confidence in your new About page. You are a BLOGGER! I am too, I guess! It has been at least a year. What a cool feeling! 🙂 Good for you on that step, that is really fun to see.

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