On Resolving

I don’t do it…you know, make New Years Resolutions at the beginning of each January.

I never have – and after today, I probably never will.

You see, I made a commitment to myself a long time ago to live my life as full as I can, to make healthy, solid decisions and to never settle for less than I want.  So, at the beginning of each year, when everyone around me resolving to do this or that – I have a hard time trying to get caught up in the whole resolution thing.

I’ll admit though – this week I thought about maybe perhaps resolving to be a little more healthy in 2013.  You know – cutting down on fattening foods I know are bad for me.  Making an effort to go to the gym 5 times a weeks instead of 3.  Cutting back on wine because I really don’t NEED it.  I guess I was thinking I should change my approach to how I live….even though I am pretty healthy with my lifestyle.  I was thinking that maybe I could be better.

But then 5 pm rolled around today.  I finished work for the week and felt great about all the tasks I completed.  I was in a pretty good mood and did my little happy walk through the kitchen.  Without even thinking about it, I plucked a bottle wine out of the fridge, popped the cork and poured myself a glass.

Instantly, all my thoughts on resolving to be nicer to my body filled my brain, just like that wine filled the glass.

I felt guilty….”What about my resolutions?   What about being nicer to my body?  Yikes!”

That was when I gave myself a mental slap to snap out of these guilt ridden resolution thoughts.

You know what?  I like wine.  Why would I want to deny myself something I like?  What if that makes me miserable and ruins my year?

And so, with that one glass of wine, I am now resolving to not make any resolutions for 2013.


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