This One And The Next 18

345 posts ago, I spread my wings and jumped – so to speak – into this weird crazy world of wanting to write everyday for 365 days.

This post, the one I am typing at the moment is number 347.

Tomorrow, I will have 18 more to go until I reach my goal.

The Hubby keeps asking me what I will do next with Writing The Girl.  Where will I go with all of this, once I have reached the one year mark?  To this, I can only shrug my shoulders.

These questions have been weighing heavily on my mind for quite sometime now.  A year ago, this all seemed very daunting – posting something every day.  But now, it’s all become second nature.  Part of my day.  Force of habit.

Wake up.  Go to the gym.  Go to work.  Publish a blog post.  Walk the dog.  Eat dinner.  Go to bed.

Just another piece of fabric woven into the patchwork quilt of my life.

The past 346 posts feel like they happened in a whirlwind.  The next 18 will be created in the same manner.

In the meantime, my head swims with new ideas…this need to create I have is not subsiding.  I can’t look back – I can only set my sights on moving forward.

Will I continue the daily post challenge into 2013?

We’ll have to wait and see…IMG_0710

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