Would You Rather… [Daily Prompt: Morton’s Fork]

If you had to choose between being able to write a blog (but not read others’) and being able to read others’ blogs (but not write your own), which would you pick? Why?

Believe it or not, I have been turning this question around in my head all day.  You could say it is a notion that has been nagging me.

My first answer (or reaction) was that I would rather write a blog than read other people’s.

However, after spending some time this morning scrolling through some other people’s blogs, I changed my mind, feeling that my initial answer may have been a bit self-centred.

There are so many amazing bloggers that work tirelessly and are so passionate about their craft.  I have unlimited access to amazing photography, abundant information. I find it quite easy and most enjoyable to become wrapped up in all of these inspiring ideas that are being shared all over the internet.  If I was unable to see them, soak them up and enjoy what other people have launched, surely, I would feel left out.  Perhaps my own work – my writing and photography – would in turn suffer, if I was suddenly unable experience all of these great things that give me inspiration.  This was not an idea that sat well with me.


(…and I thought long and hard about this…)

The truth is, I need to create and express myself.  I have always had these needs.  The motivation I gain from having this platform, this opportunity to share, has enabled me to reach many of my writing goals.  It has also allowed me to reach out with my photography work, and this in turn has kept my ideas fresh.

In short, this space is all mine – I can create and shape it the way I want to.  This has done wonders for the right side of my brain.

So – as much as I love seeing what everybody else is doing, a big part of me would feel empty with my Writing The Girl.

Call me selfish – but it’s the truth.

fingers on the keyboard.
fingers on the keyboard.

(Yes!  Another post utilising the Daily Post’s writing prompt feature.  If you have not yet used this strategy for your posts, do check it out.  I think this is a valuable resource.)

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