Weekly Photo Challenge: Reflections

Ohhh – I love a good reflection!

As a photographer, nothing grabs me more than a perfectly crisp, yet oddly rippled, reflected image.  Especially when you can’t tell which is the reflection is which is the real object. There are some things that I think look better in a reflection.  The lines a little more interesting.  The colours seem more vibrant.  Personalities become a tad warped.

I have already done quite a few posts featuring reflection images over the past year.  In fact, you might say reflections are a running theme of mine.

Exploring the world of reflection images can change your entire perspective.

I shot this explicitly for this week’s photo challenge theme:

Candle Light Reflected
Candle Light Reflected

But, I didn’t really like it.  It’s a candle sitting on top of a stainless steel counter in my kitchen.  I am not crazy about the way it turned out though…it’s a little too….


So, noticing that the theme challenge is in a plural form (reflections, as a posed to just a reflection.)  I have added some other reflections I have in my image library:

Reflection Blue (Across The River)
Reflection Blue (Across The River)
Reflection Of The Water Lilies
Reflection Of The Water Lilies
Rainy Day Reflections
Rainy Day Reflections
Self-Reflection Of The Day
Self-Reflection Of The Day

And there you have it – many reflections!

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