Sunday: Fuzz

(Simple, Single Image On Saturday And Sunday)


I tilt-shifted the heck out of this image.  This really cool tree had a coating of ferns hanging from it’s branches…I looked like it was wearing a sweater.  It also reminded me of a gigantic bottle brush.

Have you ever seen a tree like this before???

5 Replies to “Sunday: Fuzz”

  1. Very cool. I do a single image Sundays (and sometimes Saturdays), too. I think tilt/shift is a great way of directing the eye in an image, and that’s what you do here. Nice.

  2. K, first thought that came to mind is that this tree is some cosmic beacon for a ground-borne disease that it has picked up and is transmitting to the sky via some kind of microwave radiation. I don’t know why I thought that, but there’s something spook about this photo. Gives me all kindsa ideas, will have to write a story around it. Thanks a lot, love it when my mind starts whirring just as I’m trying to go to bed. I don’t get enough sleep!

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