Raindrop Collection

There has been so much talk today about bad weather, a Hurricane named Sandy and the destructive forces of nature.  To me, though, it feels like just an average late October day: grey, chilly and damp.  Though, I must say the wind seems to be picking up quite a bit as day turns to dusk outside my window.

So, tonight I will serve up a hearty batch of lentil soup for dinner, enjoy a glass of wine, work on my portfolio and hope that things don’t get too much worse outside.

Speaking of my portfolio, I thought I’d post a few images I have been working on.  I call them “Rain Drop Collection”.  Seems fitting to post pics of wet things on what is a wet day for so many people…

These images and the rest of my latest photography projects, will be available to see on View Finder very, VERY soon…

Have a good night, and – where ever you may be – keep safe, warm and dry!

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