I am posting this because it may be one of the last images of a flower from my garden I share here.

sedum, pink.

Everything is just getting so brown!

I simply adore all the season changes that occur around me.  I feel I am very fortunate to live in a climate that dictates a clear distinction between winter, spring, summer and fall.  The visual gifts are abundant, and something I take full advantage of with my photography.

Fall is a neon, vibrant explosion of all the colours that have been brewing all summer.  Winter carries with it a desolate beauty – stark, haunting and simple are its tones.  Spring is sweet, innocent and pastel.  Everything you see is like taking a breath of fresh air.

And what about summer?


Like the photograph above – summer is a constantly surprising palette, complete with every colour of the rainbow…and then some.

I have based a lot of my posts since mid-may to the many colours of summer.  These colours filled my lens on a daily basis.  In filling my lens, they filled my creative well with things to write about and share on this blogging platform.

As I find myself drifting back into what I call Winter Mode, I must bid adieu to the kaleidoscope of pink, blue, yellow, purple and green.  From now until next spring, I will be focused and content with a more muted display.  The intrigue and love affair I have had with my summer subjects will not wane.

Rather, it will shift to embrace a whole new feast.

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