Various Artists

I found my writing playlist today.  For old times sake, I gave it a listen.  As I meandered through this compilation of various artists, I became reminiscent of where I was almost a year ago, when I gathered it.  I was preparing to write my first novel (titled “Her”).  The plot line I had in my head was so demanding, so fierce and so emotionally taxing – I needed a strong and varied pool of music to draw my creative energy from.  When I started writing, I had no real outline, nothing really planned on paper.  I was writing blind and music became my guide.

As my novel progressed, I became more and more immersed in my fictional world.  The songs just kept coaxing me along.  Night after night, I sat in front of my computer, watching my words grow, feeling the rhythms pulsate through me.  As I went deeper into my tale, I found I needed to keep adding more and more songs.  For nearly a month, this was the only music I listened to.  It was the only music I wanted to listen to.

My story was a very personal one.  I guess these songs not only served as inspiration, but  also as a way for me to make sense of the emotional journey I found myself on.  Each and every one lit the path, allowing me to see where I was going with this whole thing.

(And, yes – I am listening to it as I type this now.)

Songs From “Her” – Various Artists*

  1. You Know I’m No Good – Amy Winehouse
  2. My Favourite Game – Cardigans
  3. Forever Yellow Skies – The Cranberries
  4. Personal Jesus – Depeche Mode
  5. Life for Rent – Dido
  6. Novocaine For The Soul – Eels
  7. Girl With One Eye (Bayou Percussion Version) – Florence & the Machine
  8. I’m Not Calling You a Liar – Florence & the Machine
  9. Howl – Florence & the Machine
  10. Between Two Lungs – Florence & the Machine
  11. My Boy Builds Coffins – Florence & the Machine
  12. Skin and Bones – Foo Fighters
  13. Cheating On You – Franz Ferdinand
  14. Welcome To The Jungle – Guns N’ Roses
  15. Rocket Queen – Guns N’ Roses
  16. Rock Star – Hole
  17. Devil Inside – INXS
  18. Pretty Life – Jakalope
  19. Laid – James
  20. All These Things That I’ve Done – The Killers
  21. Mr Brightside – The Killers
  22. Charmer – Kings Of Leon
  23. Haunted When The Minutes Drag – Love & Rockets
  24. Empty – Metric
  25. Poster of a Girl – Metric
  26. Ending Start – Metric
  27. Combat Baby – Metric
  28. The Perfect Drug – Nine Inch Nails
  29. I Bleed – Pixies
  30. Hey – Pixies
  31. Exit Music (For a Film) – Radiohead
  32. Karma Police – Radiohead
  33. Know Your Enemy – Rage Against the Machine
  34. Breaking the Girl – Red Hot Chili Peppers
  35. Emperor’s New Clothes – Sinead O’Connor
  36. You Got Yr. Cherry Bomb – Spoon
  37. What Do I Have to Do? – Stabbing Westward
  38. Your Star Will Shine – Stone Roses
  39. Sober – Tool
  40. So Cruel – U2
  41. The Freshmen – Verve Pipe
  42. I Love You – Yello

Now I am getting ready to do it all over again.  In a few weeks, I will begin to write my second novel.  I wonder what songs will speak to me – I wonder where they take me….


(*The list above is an abbreviated version of the original playlist that inspired my writing.  I figured 96 songs was just too many to post here.  Most of them were Florence And The Machine – to whom I am very grateful for releasing the album “Lungs”.  If you are curious and want to see the entire playlist, send me an email and I will oblige.  Also, the pic above has nothing to do with any of the artists or songs on my playlist…the image is titled “overshadowed”, which, to me, is fitting for the journey my writing took me on last year.  For you see, my writing overshadowed everything else in my life.)

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