The Lights I Like

City Scene At Night – Bay and Harbour St. (tilt shifted)

Something I do not usually photograph too much of these days: a “City Scape”.  Yes, it may be just a snippet, a glimpse – but it is an image that I captured in a heartbeat – set to the dizzying pace of the energy that was flowing around me.

The noise, chaos and bright lights had always been just another part of my life…up until six years ago.

Well, I found myself in the middle of Downtown Toronto this week and I must admit, it felt good to be home again.

I realised that this year of blogging might not completely represent “Me” if there isn’t at least one post dedicated this place I still feel such an emotional bond to.  This the place I grew up being a part of.  I went to school here, I worked here, I shopped here.  My life was here.

Though I may have left the city, it will not leave me.  I like that when I go back to it, I feel that I am slipping back into a comfy pair of shoes.

Glitzy shoes, maybe….but comfy all the same….

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