Spots, Colour And A Little Mystery

Hooray!!!!  We have arrived at Friday once again!  I think my post from yesterday was a bit of downer, also, for some reason my photographs all week-long were black and white images.  I figured today is a good day to perk things up a bit, so I went on the hunt for some cheerful, lively colour.

What I found was full of colour, yes – but has also presented me with a bit of mystery:

What the heck is this flower???

I love this – a beautiful flower I cannot identify!  I like to think, especially when it comes to the whole nature-photography aspect of my life, that I have a pretty good grasp of “what is what” within the region I call home.  I will always consider myself more of a student than an expert when it comes to identifying flora and fauna – but I can usually name most of the plants I see in any particular garden or wooded area I visit.

So when I am presented with something I have never seen before – I get all fascinated and intrigued.

Who is this spotty stranger?  I must find out!

So far, a preliminary Google image search has not yielded any conclusive results.  I shall continue my on-line sleuthing throughout the weekend.  For now, I thought I would post a couple of pics to see if anyone in the blog-o-sphere knows.

If you think you can help me solve this awesome little mystery, please – help me out!

Happy Friday!

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