As Seen From Above

(Side note:  I was also toying with the idea of calling this post “My Week Of Living Dangerously”…)

I have returned from a week of extremes.

Extreme high speeds.

Extreme heights.

Extreme plummets.

Extreme loop-de-loops.

I am glad to be home from my vacation…I really need to get some rest!

This is just a simple image taken from the very tippy-top of the “Giant Ferris Wheel” in Darien Lake.

Being that high up, and having smuggled my camera onto the ride with me, gave me entirely different perspective of my extreme surroundings.

It’s the small details from this shot that I like:  The line up for the “Space Ship” ride.  The itty-bitty rock-climbers (top left) and the crowd of teens around the concession stand.

A bunch of random people, all doing different things in the same place for the same reason:

Extreme fun.


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