When Will I Grow Up? Um – Never!

Perhaps it is because I just celebrated a birthday…my own to be exact…and I know, according to my birth certificate, I am getting closer and closer to the big “4-0″…I was doing a bit of reflecting on the things I do.  I have some habits, you see, that I have carried with my from my childhood and teen years.  They show no signs of letting up, no matter how old I get:

*I find it impossible to make my bed in the morning.

*I leave half drunk glasses of water all over the house.  This used to drive my parents bonkers when was a kid….now it drives The Hubby nuts.

*I blare the music, while driving my car, so loud the windows rattle.  I’m not talking easy-listening stuff, like Linda Ronstadt or Elton John…more like Rage Against The Machine and The Beastie Boys….

*I refuse to wear socks, let alone shoes, during summer.  Okay – I will put on a pair of shoes if I have to….but still…I’d rather go barefoot.

*I still watch Buffy The Vampire Slayer – and get excited about it – even if they are episodes from 1997.

*Present me with a jar of Cheez Whiz and a loaf of bread – I will make a sandwich and enjoy it immensely.

So I wonder – will I ever change my ways?  I don’t recall my mom running around in her bare feet, blaring heavy metal and not making her bed.

Anyway – what does it mean to be “Grown-up”?  Is there a certain number your age must be in order for you to start acting this way?

The word “Act” is another strange one to me…why do we use it when talking about maturity?  Is it because that is what we are doing…a charade?  Are we merely performing, yet all the while just wanting to run around with no shoes on, eating Cheez-Whiz and watching the same tv shows we did as kids?

Act my age?  I think I always have been!

…just some birthday musings!…

6 Replies to “When Will I Grow Up? Um – Never!”

  1. Happy birthday. I am near 30 on the outside and five years old on the inside. May you never become a grown up and always eat cheese whiz sandwiches. I like strawberry jam and butter myself.

  2. I love this … and I hope you had a great birthday. My mum still calls me Peter Pan (the boy who never grew up) and, quite apart from the fact that I’m a girl, I’m also 46 🙂 It’s a great art to retain the inner child for so long… well done 🙂

  3. Happy Birthday to you! Hope you have a great birthday. Good question about acting your age. Maybe it’s more of an expression, what the adults, the old folks, say to kids when they get frustrated with them. I, too, still blast my music and I really don’t remember my mom doing that ever.

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