Archive Day

Time to dip into the archives at Writing The Girl! I knew this day would come, when I would go back in time and revisit a post.
Why “Winter Face”? It was one of my earliest pieces. It is also one of my personal favourites. I just love her forlorn stare. It stirs my imagination.
I am also finding myself filled with a bit of nostalgia at the moment. This “Winter Face” is one of this things I am saying good-bye to as my family and I move.
Cheers and have a great weekend!
-Janice 🙂

Writing The Girl

There is just something about this ‘Winter Face’ that completely captures my imagination…

I keep waiting for her to turn that gaze toward me, with a wink and a smile.

It’s funny, 6 months of the year this sculpture is hidden from view.  She is covered in the Boston ivy that grows rampant on the stone wall she affixed to.

“What a shame you can’t see her, she is so pretty.”  I say to myself as I pull the concealing ivy away from her.  My attempts to keep the vines from concealing her delicate features are futile.

As soon as the last leaves give in to winter, she is in plain sight.  Her face takes centre stage during the lonely winter months in the garden.

She was here long before my family and I moved into this house.

She will remain long after we are gone.

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