It Is Time To Go…

This is it.  My bags are packed.  Accoutrements of both necessity and of leisure are stowed, awaiting their next destination.

All that is left are the formalities of saying good-bye to those I must leave behind.

I cannot bring you with me, Bullfrog.  Though I would love to, I simply cannot.  You would miss your home, your pond, far too much.  You would be far too out of place.

For you see, where I am going there is no such luxury for you.

So I bid you farewell with a heavy heart – for I truly will miss you.   Our time together, though brief in grand scheme of life, will be fondly remembered.  I will miss your wet, croak-y calls…your splish and splash in the water.  The ker-plunk! of you leaping from the lily pads.

I will even miss all the times you jumped out of the bull rushes and scared me half to death.

You really did catch me off guard each and every time with that one!

I take comfort in knowing that I leave you not alone, but surrounded by the fish, the dragon flies and, of course, all the other frogs.

Take care, Bullfrog, and so long.

…we’ll always have the lily pads…

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