Weekly Photo Challenge: Dreaming

Okay – with this, I am being a tad cheeky….and this may seem a little abstract.  But hey, it’s a pretty abstract theme this week, isn’t it?  I look the topic of dreaming and dreams as being a blank canvas – until you start to fill it with your imagination, desires or fears…or all of these things.

So, I thought I would make this photo challenge all about me.

My family and I are moving in two and a half weeks.  All I can think about is boxes.  Finding them.  Taping them up.  Labelling them.  Tripping over them.  Filling them up with stuff.  Trying to lift them.  Getting frustrated at constantly running out of them.

Am I dreaming about boxes?

Yes – yes, I am.

You want to know what else I have been dreaming about lately?

Paint colours.  So many paint colours…

Most ridiculous photo challenge submission ever?


What can I say?  I’ve got moving and boxes and painting on the brain.

What consumes me during my waking hours will inevitably linger, invading my dreams as well.

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