Saturday: Old, Rusty

(Single Solitary Image On Saturday And Sunday)

Old, Rusty.

…nothing but an old, beaten up hand shovel that I have had for a countless gardening seasons.  It fits my grip perfectly and seems to be the best tool for every job…

2 Replies to “Saturday: Old, Rusty”

  1. My paternal grandparents used to own a cabin by a lake and we would go there when I would visit in the summer. Every single year, until they sold it, the first thing I would do when we got there is look on one of the posts outside for my plastic shovel. My grandpa had put a nail in the post specifically for my shovel and no one was allowed to use it but me. I wish I had a picture of that. Very nice.

    1. Very touching – thank you for sharing that memory….you’ve got me thinking about my grandparents. Grandpas are awesome for doing such wonderful little things like that, aren’t they? 🙂

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