The Lavender

Okay – wow.  Before I get into today’s post – I just want to say a few words on my very recent Freshly Press-ing.  Have you ever been so overwhelmed you become humbled and stunned at the same time?  Well, that’s me today!  Thanks to EVERYONE that has liked or commented on my bee post.  Thanks for all the blog-love!!

…now on with my photos and words, as this is what I do….

Lavender warms my heart.  In the hot summer air, I can smell its intoxicating aroma.  In the sunshine, I can see a mass of purple stand out in my crowded garden.  

I gather handfuls to keep in a vase beside my bed.  The scent of lavender is soothing. It intoxicates me…coaxes me to sleep, even on sleepless nights.

I can’t get enough of it!  To me, this is summer in a jar.

 The number one spot on my “bucket list” of destinations is Provence, France, where this plant is commonly grown.  I want to walk among the fields of lavender.  My aim would be to get lost in a sea of lovely purple-ness.   I could live off my sense of smell.  It would be a feast for all of my senses.

When my family and I move at the end of the summer, the first addition in my new garden will be plant or two of lavender.  Or three….maybe 4.  Or more.

These images are of the plant I have cultivated in one of the gardens at our current home.  Lavender loves hot sun and rocks, which is exactly where I have this one.  After 5 years, it has grown into a massive shrub.  I love it, and I hope the new owners of our home will too.

9 Replies to “The Lavender”

  1. I love lavender too! Been going crazy trying to get a good picture of a bee on it. I’ve noticed that they love it also. When the bees show up , then it is harvest time. I haven’t cut any yet, because I love just seeing it there gracing our sitting spot… I think your photos are awesome! – Wendy

  2. Hello! And another one here who found your lovely blog via the Freshly Pressed feature by wordpress. I liked your bee hive pictures too, by the way! Great pics, they really are!…Arty!

    I am also a lavender lover, got 2 small bushes in my garden on the island of Corfu.
    Funnily I have just received a lavender craft gift handmade by an English friend. She has put a purple ribbon in a weaving manner around the lavender sticks and so I can enjoy the smell under my pillow or in the clothes closet.

  3. We just put in 18 hidcote lavender plants in late spring. If this drought doesn’t take them, my plan is to have my daughters sell lavender products to earn $$ for their ballet and horseback riding lessons. Over the next few years I expect I’ll have gobs more plants, apparently it’s the only plant I can grow successfully! You should totally plant a ton if you love it that much! Enjoyed your blog! Jammie

  4. “To me, this is summer in a jar.” What a beautiful way to describe lavender. So many people have such different ideas of summer, but you really captured this through words and photos. I like the picture following this quote as well. Thank you so much for sharing. I live in Alaska and we have Forget Me Nots everywhere (the state flower) and they are such a beautiful purple surprise as well.

  5. Hey there! I found my way to your blog, thanks to WordPress’s ‘Freshly Pressed’ feature. I loved this post of yours. I am from Bangalore, India, where lavender is not very common. I am in love with the plant, though, I guess due to all the books I have read which have mentioned the intoxicating scent of the flower. I recently managed to locate a plant (it was so difficult to find!!) at a local nursery and got it home. It is quite small yet, but I am waiting for the day when I will be able to smell the pretty purple flowers. 🙂

    Like you, I also dream of walking in a field of lavender some day. Now, that would be a piece of heaven!

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