Work In Progress

As photographer, I feel like every shot I take adds to the experience I have already gained from my previous exposure.  I also think about what I will learn for the next one.

Take this image of a dragonfly, for instance.  I have spent the better part of the past two weeks photographing the many different kinds of dragonflies that skim around the surface of the water in my pond.  (you may recall my post from last week of about a dragonfly)


When I find a subject or a technique that challenges me, I work on it, and work on it.  After that, I will then work on it some more.  Eventually I will either be satisfied with what I have…or I will start over.

My photos are like a chain, each one linked to the other before and after it.  I will take qualities I like from one image and apply it to the next.  I will avoid certain elements that detract from the subject, or focus on a detail that I can make better use of.

Here, I have been trying to capture a certain angle of the dragonflies, at just the right time of day.  I want to make his wings glint and gleam in the late day sun.  I do like this image, but I am also thinking of ways to make him stand out a little more, especially those magic little wings.

…just my thoughts on why I do what do – the method to my madness.

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