Weekly Photo Challenge: Close

I got a little closer than I would normally like to an intriguing little character….

I had just brought an arm load of fresh-cut flowers from the garden in to the house.  As I was fussing about, arranging them in a vase, out pops this little pink and white crab spider from one of the blooms.  He gave me a bit of a start, but that was okay.  I grabbed my camera and got up and close and personal.

I’m not completely afraid of spiders…it’s not like they’re snakes or anything.  But really, given a choice, I tend to keep my distance from the “creepy-crawlies”.  At first I felt a little uncomfortable getting this close to a spider.  However, my photographic instinct kicked in: I just had to capture the details of his colours.  I think he was nervous of me too.  After a few minutes though, we sort of warmed up to each other.  I think he actually started posing for me!

I guess you could say we shared a moment.  We got – you know – close…

After our impromptu photo shoot was over, the relationship ended.  I scooped him up and took him back out to the garden.

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