Oh – Hello!

Living on 3 acres with bush and a pond, we often have all sorts of critters and creatures saunter through our yard.

We’ve seen foxes, umpteen dozen bunnies, coyotes, the occasional otter and one or two ducks.  They never stick around for very long, though.  With a dog and 4 curious, excitable children, our visitors usually decide they have chosen the wrong place to take break from their travels.  It is usually just as I am reaching for my camera that they are taking off, scampering back into the trees.  I have many blurry shots of retreating fluffy tails and  hind legs.

I was delighted the other day when this guy landed on a rock at the edge of the pond and seemed just as interested in us as were of him.  He stayed around for several minutes, sizing us up with much curiosity.  I will never claim to be a wildlife photographer, so posting pics of an animal other than my dog is somewhat of a rarity!  

By the way, if anyone knows exactly what kind of bird this is, let me know!  It appears to be a pigeon, but honestly, he was HUGE!  The bands lead me to think this may be a homing pigeon – but I am not a “birder”, so I really do not have a clue!  Google searches have not shown me pigeons with the same dark colouring.

(He was so big, one of my kids thought it was a chicken and tried to convince us we could catch him for dinner!)

2 Replies to “Oh – Hello!”

  1. Wow, great photo. He does look a lot like a pigeon – he’s also got tags on his legs, wonder if he’s a mutant pigeon, newly escaped from some kind of military facility? That would explain the monstrous size 🙂

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