May Re-Cap

Holy-moly!!!  Coming into June means I am entering my sixth month of this year-long, post a day project of mine.

I swear, the months seem to zipping along faster and faster.

May was spectacular to me…so many wonderful things found their way into my view finder.  Spring is on a roll  – rolling right smack dab into summer, my most favourite season.

Once again, I would like to thank everyone for your support and your kind, kind words.  Also, ~WELCOME!!!! ~ to all my new subscribers!  I reached over 100 confirmed subscriptions this month!! (that was a goal of mine, thanks for helping me reach it!!)  This tiny little blog of mine is growing each and every day.

So, as I eagerly anticipate the next 30 days, I must pay homage to the wonderful month that was May…

Drops On A Table
Vines Up A Wall
Weekly Photo Challenge: Together
Weekly Photo Challenge: Unfocused
Weekly Photo Challenge: Blue
Dandelions, Part II
Hot Pink
Watering Can

Thanks again – for stopping by Writing The Girl!


-Janice D 🙂

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