Back Then, Right Now (Via Instagram)

I stumbled across a post of mine from February.  It was filled with hope for greener surroundings than I was experiencing at the time, and an image I shot of my back garden using Instagram.

I remember this day, so vividly.  We had woken up to yet another heavy snowfall from the night before.   I felt that, even though it was so, so far away in days, Spring would be close to me again.  I was in the grips of winter, feeling dark, but trying to remain optimistic and cheerful, despite this particularly cold and dark day.  It’s not that I become depressed during winter.  But when your photography centres around being outdoors, and your feet are constantly cold between November and March – warmer seasons become a bit of a day-dream.

Well, looking around my yard today, seeing the deep, amazing greens that now fill my world and feeling the warm air, that February day seems like it was a life time ago.  I guess you could say I have found green, huh?

Two pics of the same garden, same point of view – worlds apart.

Oh – after I re-shot the Instagram pic of my pond and garden, I snapped it again using Tilt Shift….just for, you know, shits-and-giggles.   

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