Black and White Wednesday

I am not in a very good mood today.  Not for any particular reason.  I cannot pinpoint any one incident that has sent me into this funk…yet I am in one all the same.

What is adding to my grumpy state is this image that I really want to post.  It may not be the most amazing image I have ever produced, but I liked it when I was editing my work the other day and wanted to use it.  My aggravation with this is coming from the fact that I have nothing inspiring, insightful or intriguing to say about it.  So why post it today then?  Why not wait until I am feeling more upbeat?  The fact that I shot it in black and white is suiting my present mood perfectly.

So here you go, my (insert frowney face) really dull blog post…

Sorry to sound like such a grouch…I will go work on my attitude and hopefully post something a little more cheerful tomorrow!


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