The Inanimates – #3: Book

Sunday, Sunday, Sunday…such a wonderful way to wrap up the week, and start anew.

The pace is different on Sunday than it is on any other day, isn’t it?  Slower, somehow.  I, for one, always feel naturally more relaxed on this day than I do on any other.

My third, and final, installment in my self-imposed three post theme of inanimate objects is an obvious choice for me.  I must say this has been fun, finding three objects that are not related to one another, and giving them a life of their own.  I have enjoyed my little project this weekend, I think I will do this again…


Well, perhaps Dictionary might be more appropriate.

This dictionary is huge, I don’t think the photos aptly illustrate its enormous size.  This is the kind of dictionary you might see displayed on a wooden pedestal within a dusty, dim, cavernous library.  It smells old; a hint of must lingers when you open it up.

I like to imagine the hands that have turned the pages, looking for words whose meaning caused befuddlement of some sort.  I am sure that many an argument has been settled, based on the information contained between the front cover and last page.

Yes, a dictionary can be a real page turner, huh?  (haha – get it?)

I hope everybody had a weekend as easy-going as mine was.  Thank you for your “likes” and comments with these three posts…thanks for stopping by!

Happy Sunday.


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