100 Posts And What Have I Learned?

My desk is starting to feel like my second home.  I am glad I have a big, comfy office chair.

My desk: Home Sweet Home.

I was ecstatic the other day when I realised I have completed 100 of 365 posts in this year-long challenge I have committed myself too.  Really, I can’t believe I have found 100 things to blog about.  Then again, I still have 265 more to go, don’t I?  Actually, I have 266  more to do, what with 2012 being a leap year and all.

Do I remember life before Writing The Girl?  – ummmm, not really. –  Can I imagine life without Writing The Girl?   Not at all.  Amazing how quickly and easily something can become woven into the fabric of your life, isn’t it?

Okay, what have I learned so far from all this blogging?  I keep pondering this, and then deftly skirting an answer.  Maybe I am concerned all this blogging, writing and creating is not having a lasting effect on my life.  Am I any closer to my goals?  Is blogging changing those goals?

I’ve learned that not only do I love the idea of being an honest-to-goodness writer, I can do it.  I don’t know that I always do it well, mind you.  Yet, here I sit each and every day, hands poised over my keyboard, thoughts manifesting into posts.

I’ve also learned writing is not always easy.  Oh – and I have to be in the right mood.  Sometimes it takes me an hour to write a short paragraph.  Sometimes it takes me 10 minutes to write a dozen paragraphs.  What is up with that?

Hold Still! I feel a blog post coming on...

I have learned that my writing is spurring my other passion; photography.  For a while, I was worried that what I have is more of a photo-blog, not a writing blog, as I had set out to do.  However, as I sit and look back over my posts, I see that the photos punctuate the words, and vice-versa.  The two compliment each other, even though they could each exist on their own.

So I guess what I have is a chronicle: A marriage of images and words that I can display.

Do I think blogging has taken over my life?  Yes.  Do I mind?  No.  Simply put, now is the right time in my life for this.  If not now, then when?  At the end of my days, when my number is up, I do not want to wish I had written more.  I want to be glad I wrote a lot.

I am thankful Writing The Girl.  I truly am.  What I have done so far is planted a small tree.  My tree is in a forest of many, many other trees.  Writing The Girl is just beginning to take off, to reach up, send out branches and grow some leaves.  No, not standing out, not the tallest, doesn’t have an abundance of leaves…..yet, it’s really starting to take shape, though.

This makes me proud of myself.

Okay, so what have 100 posts taught me?

  • Hitting “Publish” and throwing your thoughts, images, feelings, and generally yourself out to thousands of strangers around the world – is really not as scary as you’d think it is.
  • The act of hitting “Publish” is not the end of a post, it’s merely the half way point.  Once you have sent your creation out into the “blogosphere”, the interactions and reactions from your viewers begins.  This is the part that brings the surprises and the motivation to post again.  And again….and again.
  • Not everything that happens in your life will make for a good blog post.  Most things, yes,  but not EVERYTHING.
  • Blogging is a damn good reason to write each and every day!
  • While I can’t answer all of my above questions yet, I will be able to by post number 365….erm…make that, 366.
My Blog Is A Tree!


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