Weekly Photo Challenge: Unusual

Okay – before I post any “Unusual” pics, I have to rant about this week’s photo challenge topic.

First of all, every time I have thought about this challenge, that Tom Jones song pops into my head.  I am then forced to walk around singing the first few lines out loud:  

“It’s not unusual to be loved by any one.  It’s not unusual to have fun with anyone…”  Complete with the exuberant horn section.

After 5 days of this, it is getting a little annoying.  I do love me some Tom Jones, just not when he’s stuck in my head so much.

Second of all, I have been surrounded by “unusual” for the past week, yet I am at a loss on how to portray it with a camera accurately.  I am experiencing, up until yesterday, summer in winter.  Capturing this in an artistic manner was really hard for some reason.

Allow me to explain:

I live in Ontario, Canada.  For about 7 days now, we’ve been basking in record-breaking warm temperatures in the mid ‘teens to mid ’20’s (degrees Celsius, that is.).  This kind of weather, only half way through March, is pretty much unheard of.  Uncommon and unusual, indeed.  We have gone from winter to summer.  It is awesome!  Yet, I feel trying to show this unusual spectacle will fall short…

So, my first photographs for “Unusual” are of me, last weekend, sitting by the water, in my shorts basking in the sun with a glass of wine:

Note the pale, pale skin: it is still winter, yet I am in shorts. Unusual? Yes!

Moving on to my next example of unusual events that I have photographed this week:

Is this a joke? For realsies??

Trust me, seeing this message on my screen after running spell checker on the WordPress post editor is HIGHLY unusual.  Yet it happened the other night upon completing the first draft of a piece that I thought would take hours to write and re-write.

….and finally:

Yup, the Batmobile.  Nope, nothing unusual about that….pfft…

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I am going outside to work on my tan and hopefully get Mr. Jones out of my head.

Maybe Batman show up and we can work on our tans together.