My Buddha

This is my Buddha statue that sits in one of my gardens.  He makes me feel calm.  He makes me feel grounded.  When I walk past him, my left hand reaches out and glides along the side of his head.  As soon as my skin makes on contact with the stoney surface of the statue, I feel this tiny little jolt of electricity.  Like my belly doing a flip-flop.

I found my Buddha at a little art boutique.  He was one of many.  The shop owner advised me to take my time in choosing my statue.  “Even though they all look the same, they are all different.  Yours will stand out only to your eyes.”

And he did.  I can’t explain it other than I soon as I saw this one, even though there were dozens that appeared to be the same…I knew this one was meant only for me.

I brought him home, dug out a little pedestal from the back of the shed for him to sit on and placed him in front of my favourite little shrub.  He faces east so the warm, early morning sun shines on him.

My devotion to my Yoga led me to find my statue.  Even when I can’t be on my mat, having my Buddha in my garden reminds of the peace and calm I feel from this ancient practice.

That’s all I wanted to say.  I had a hectic day…I needed to reflect on something that would  balance out the chaos that has been in my head since 6 am.