Oh Look – It’s Smarch

As we exit one month, and enter into the next, the words of Homer Simpson come to mind: “Lousy Smarch weather”

Sure, many call it March.  Me?  No way.  Maybe if March was as predicatble as February or January, I might change my attitude.  I think “Smarch” perfectly sums up the antics of this tease of a month.

Here’s the thing: March plays around.  March flirts with spring, but keeps cozy with winter.  March lets you think there will be no more snow one minute, and then presents you with bucket loads of it the next.

March, for lack of a better term, is a bit of a hussy.

We are so close – so very close! – to Spring.  Just have to get this lousy March weather out of the way first.

To get to this:  

We still have to put up with quite a bit of this:

Or maybe not.

You never can tell with Smarch.  

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