Blogging About Nothing

This is really awkward.  I must admit I have nothing to say today.  I’m talking bupkis.  Zip.  Nadda.  Zilch.

I have a lot of projects and photos in the works, but nothing really prepared for my daily post.  So what do I do?

Blog about nothing, I suppose.

Ideas have popped into my head at random times throughout the past several hours.  Brief flashes of brilliance such as:

  • How wonderful my dog is.  She is so cute, and smart.
  • How snowy it is today.
  • Every time I watch an episode of Glee, I wish I could sing.

I managed to come up with some other ideas as well, during an impromptu brainstorming session.  Nothing has stayed in my brain long enough to grow.

Am I suffering from my first bout of writer’s block?

Do we call this “Blogger’s Block”?

Oh-my-goodness.  I am starting to panic.  What if I have nothing to say tomorrow either?  I have committed myself to a year’s worth of daily posts.  What if I never have another blog post idea worthy that little “Publish” button?

Gah!  Nobody warned me about this.  I better get over it real quick, this…blockage of mine.

Well, ending my post about nothing is going to be easy.  I will do it with this photograph I took of my dog, bounding towards me on a beautiful, peaceful, snow laden pathway:

Seriously though – isn’t she adorable?