Confessions Of A Non-Valentine’s Day-ist

Seeing as how blogging is a platform for self-expression, I thought I would use it, and photography, to do so.

I may be considered “no-fun” or a “party-pooper” for this one:  I really am not into Valentine’s Day.

I mean, I just.  Don’t.  Get it.

I can’t stand being asked “what are you doing for Valentine’s Day?”  or even worse, “what did you do for Valentine’s Day?”.  My response is usually, with a sly smile and hint of pride in my voice, “Absolutely nothing.”

It is not that I don’t have love in my life.  I do.  I have just never been able to get caught up in the idea of a designated day for expressing it.  Should love not be apparent all the time?

I don’t like receiving flowers and chocolates from my husband.  I can, and prefer to, purchase those things for myself.  He gets that and respects my wishes, for he shares my view.  Thankfully.

So really, what I have to got to prove?

Every time I see those candy hearts, all stamped with love-sick messages, I want to grab a hammer and smash them to bits.

That is as about as far as I want to go with this.  Though it would be easy to get into the Anti-Valentine’s Day movement, the truth is I don’t like getting caught up in negativity either.

I choose to remain indifferent….well, maybe a little snarky too.

This is me saying:

Valentine’s Day – Shmalentine’s Day.

(by the way, if you share my non-Valentine’s Day sentiment, smashing those candy hearts with a hammer feels REALLY good.  I highly recommend giving it a try.)