Whose Hands?

Whenever I photograph a small detail such as this wire I found wrapped around this old split rail fence I wonder:

“Whose hands tied this knot?”

I think about who that person might have been, what they may have looked like.  I think about the detail of the hands that worked the wire, fastening it to the wood.  What condition were theses hands in?   Were they rough, scarred from a lifetime of physical labour?  Or perhaps they were still young, unaccustomed to hard work.

Whose hands did these hands hold?  Did they work in the field all day, and go home at night to hold a newborn child, tender and delicate?

I think about the implement they may have used to help secure the wire to the fence.  Was it being used for the first time, or 151st?

When was this done?  Is the person that tied this knot long gone…forgotten?