Looking For Green

Look, we’re at February 7th already.

Now is about the time that I start getting anxious for something new: SPRING.

I don’t go for Ground Hog Day.  The well-meant intentions of that fat little rodent have let me down too many times.

I will be honest though, as soon as we get that first week of February out of the way, I am constantly searching signs of warmth in the air.  Signs the snow is receding.  I keep a watchful eye and ear out for little things like the “drip-drip” sound of snow melting off the roof of the house.

Basically what it comes down to is a need to photograph something other than white or grey.  Spring gives me a whole new colour palette to work with.  What could be more tantalising than the promise of new subject matter?

The fact is, I welcome each incoming season change equally.  I really do.  Each season, with its varying traits, gives me inspiration.  With inspiration comes a reason to be thankful I live in an area with such diverse and splendid climate offerings.

So, as I sit and gaze out my office window, seeing grey but looking for green, I can’t help but to sigh.  I am resigned to the fact that winter is most likely sticking around for a few more weeks yet.  I guess I will make the best of it.

Seeing white, but dreaming of green.