Mono-Tasking Got Me Down.

I got fed up with only doing one thing at a time.

My 365 Post challenge has gone completely out the window.  Yes, I am blaming it on  mono-tasking.

I posted my thoughts on this concept a week or so ago….all about how multi-tasking was causing more chaos in my life than I needed.  I mused that maybe I should try concentrating my days on one thing at a time.

Well, I explored mono-tasking, just as I said I would.

Here is what I learned:

  1. Mono-tasking is not as easy as it sounds.
  2. I am able to concentrate on one thing at time.
  3. Mono-tasking has a place and time when it is truly necessary – working on page layout for one client’s display ad, for example.  Or baking a soufflé.
  4. I can’t shake the feeling that when I am mono-tasking, I could be doing so many other things too.
  5. In a lot of situations, multi-tasking is an absolute necessity.  (as I learned from discussions on this topic with my good friend and cohort, Liz)
  6. I am much better suited to muli-tasking than mono-tasking.

I am sure that mono-tasking is a perfect solution for a lot people out there.  I am not one of them.  The worst part for me was the fact that my blogging schedule suffered severely.  Minimising my number of daily tasks squeezed out time for posting.

This is not cool with me.  AT ALL.

Gee, thanks, “Mono-Tasking”.  You really cramped my style.

SoooOOOooo – I think I will go back to doing what is right for me:

Being mostly organised, and somewhat-uber-efficient, in the day-to-day cross-contamination of my life and it’s components.  (I am not sure if that will make sense to anyone but me).

Call it what you will, I call it “Personal Balance”.

Maybe multi-tasking isn't so bad after all...

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