New Personas

A fresh coating of snow and Hoar frost gives new identities to almost everything it touches.

Sedum?  No, that’s a “Winter Snow Cone” now.

It all depends, I guess, in how you see things.   What comes to life in your imagination?

On a morning, such as this particular one was when I shot these photos, everything in my yard was something new.  Hoar frost is magical.  Branches on trees look as though they have been covered in thorns.   I found a pine tree that looked like a cactus!

Forsythia branch?  Well, yeah – but it now has thorns, careful when you touch it…

If you take a moment to absorb it all, the possibilities are endless.  Even my bird feeder, with its “squirrel proof” bars was transformed.

From Bird Feeder to Bird Cage?  I think so.  

This is why I keep my camera close by and ready to go – always.  Because, the thing with Hoar frost is, first it surprises you, and then it doesn’t last long.  When the frost is gone, it leaves no trace of ever having been there.

Everything becomes it’s regular, old self again.

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