Dear 6am

If I could post 100 items – 100 topics and 100 photos – all in one day…I mean, if it were physically possible, I would do it.  Every day.

Most of the day my mind is like a bingo cage.  You know, a big wire sphere, with a hand crank, most often seen in bingo halls, surrounded by bingo players?  I always picture an older gentleman in a white cowboy hat turning the crank, but [erhaps that is a little stereo-typical, and slightly off topic at the moment.

You know the little numbered balls inside the wire cage?  Those little balls with the numbers are my thoughts and ideas.  All day long, the little numbered balls swirl around and around in my bingo cage of a brain.  But the tumbling really never stops.  Not even in my sleep.

Until 6am.

Ahhhh, 6am.  I love you.  You are quiet.  You enter the room, and no one notices.  Why?  Because every one else is asleep.  But I open my eyes and you are the first thing I see.

Oh 6am.  You bring me peace.  You bring me clarity.

The wire cage has finally stopped tumbling.  Out pops one, single, solitary numbered ball. Doesn’t matter what number is it.  Could be any number.  This “number” is my momentary focus.  My thought, my idea.  My motivation.  The very first item on my agenda for the day.

I greet you warmly, 6 am, and raise my coffee mug to you  -“cheers!”.

Alas, 6 am turns into 6:30…and then along comes the dreaded 7am.  Now the day is moving forward.  Kids are stirring, so is the rest of the world.

And the bingo cage begins to roll again.

Good-bye, Clarity…6am has taken you along with it.  But that’s okay.  I got what I needed from you.  My little numbered ball.

Besides, dear 6am, I know you’ll be back tomorrow.

Photo creds to these websites:  

  Things To Do Around Town

(Google Image search is so awesome!)

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