Cupcake Journey: Photographic Essay

’tis the season.
So, it all started with this link I “Stumbled Upon” ( I do A LOT of content searching on the website).  The site is aptly titled, as it is devoted to baking cupcakes with delicious confections and what-nots inside them.
For me, it was the picture of this perfectly sliced cross section of a cupcake, stuffed with a Raffelo candy and topped with fluffy snow-like coconut.  My inspiration meter went off the charts.  I re-blogged it on my Tumblr feed with a promise (mostly to myself) to make these cupcakes, in all their awesome yummy-ness.
However, I had a problem with the Raffaello candies.  I could not find them.  Anywhere.
Refusing to be deterred, I simply modified the original recipe, just a wee bit.  Instead of the Raffaellos, I opted to use President’s Choice Dolce De Leche Truffles.  I must say, they worked out pretty well!
The original recipe can be found here:
I should also mention that I opted to not use the buttercream icing shown on the website.  Instead, I used a vanilla and a chocolate frosting, with a few variations on decorations.
The results of all this Christmas Baking and Experimenting can be found here:
Start at the beginning.Components.Compoundingcracking.Prepbowls, emptied.Batter in
de LecheInto BatterBatteredafter 18 minutesTopped: choco-swirliesTopped: red sprinkles
Topped: coconutOoey-gooey

Snowball Cupcakes , a set on Flickr.

And, be sure to check these out, they are really tastey, and useful in cupcake-baking!:

PC Dulce de Leche Truffles – PC Dulce de Leche Truffles – PC – Products

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